Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laugh out loud worthy

There is some funny stuff on Pinterest that the world needs to see! (or see again if you've already seen them.)

Still laugh EVERY TIME I see this!!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

*Catch up in RaNdOm form*

Hey ya lil' cuties! (and by that I mean my mom and sisters... probably the only peeps who read this anymore.  hahaha.) Promise I'm still alive! I'll catch you up in RaNdOmS!

* School has been back in full swing, and this semester is kickin' my booty. Lets just say I'm in a Community Health Stats class.... and I haven't taken math in about 5 years... Yeah.... it's gonna be brutal!

Present from Honduras from Julia. Favorite/ creepiest headband ever! 

* On top of the 15 credits I'm taking, I'm also working full time at Vivint! I work in the scheduling department and I'm loving it! I go to school from 8:00-2:00 and then go straight to work from 3:00-9:00. It's pretty tough doing school and working full time, but it's manageable at the moment.

Always workin

* On top of school and work, I also start student teaching SEMINARY tomorrow!!!!! I never even thought once about teaching seminary until my last week of EFY. I LOVE being with teenagers and teaching them about the Gospel, so I thought, "Hey, why not give it a shot?!" The S&I (Seminary & Institute teacher training program) is EXTREMELY competitive. I'll just be teaching for 2 weeks this semester and then if they like me and if I like it still, I could hired as a part-time student teacher next semester. After that, I could either get asked to student teach for a second semester, get hired to be a full time teacher right then, or I wouldn't get hired at all. In my class alone, there are 25 people and there are 2 other classes at the institute with the same number of people. And that's just at the UVU institute! So I'm for sure not planning on even getting asked to student teach, so if I don't get hired, I will still be so happy! But I'm still so excited and super nervous to start teaching tomorrow!!

* On top of school, work, and student teaching, I also helped start a brand new choir!!! Remember LDC?? (How could you not? It was my life for 3 years. Haha.) Well,  Brother Eggett and I have been talking for almost a year now about starting an LDC Alumni choir. Well, he got asked by the church to get a choir to sing for some big event at Christmas time, so we decided that now would be the perfect time to form the choir! It is AMAZING. It's all of the alumni from Brother Eggett's directing years, so 6 years of singers! Direct quote from Brother Eggett during our first rehearsal... "You guys realize this is the best sounding choir in Utah aside from the Mo-tab right?" It's incredible!

* I love my family a lot. And my nieces and nephews are so stinkin' cute I can't even handle them!!! 

* Oh, I guess I had a birthday in there somewhere too? The big 23! Grown up birthdays are super lame. It was just a regular day.... School and work. But it was still such a good day and I got so much birthday love, so THANK YOU for all the birthday loves!! Special shout-out to Sierra, Lindsey, Heather, Claire and Julia! They are my sisters. NEVER in my life have I had more fun and laughed harder with a group of people then I have with them! 




* Oh, Heather got married, yay!! She is now offically Mrs. Heather Wallace! Well... actually... A few weeks before they got married, they printed 800 invitations that had a slight printing error. Her husbands name is Neil Aaron Wallace and his name on the invites was Neil Aarab Wakkace!!! So we like to call her Aarab Wakkace.... hahaha.

it's official!


* I also moved back to Provo. I miss living in Orem at Ventana with my whole heart and soul, but I'm still loving living in University Avenue Condos! 

roomies & bffs!

this chick is LITERALLY my sister. Love you so much

Well, the Church is true peeps and life is wonderful! 


is anyone else LOVING this fall weather??!?!!? OBSESSED.