Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things I love #1

*I love my dear friend Ali, and I love our HANSON tradition haha! Remember how Ali and I went to the HANSON concert last year? Welp, we've turned it into a tradition, because we went again this thursday! So SO fun! I highly recommend going to one of their shows. I mean, who wouldn't want to sing and dance to "Mmmbop," live???

*I love birthdays!! Remember how I turn 22 TOMORROW?? Geez I'm old!

*I love early mornings! I know, I know, if you know me well you're laughing at the computer right now, because I've been a nortorious morning hater. But, for the last month I've been in the habit of starting my days earrrrly and I love it! It feels so great to already have worked out, showered, scripture study, ate a healthy breakfast and walked to school all before 8:00 am. Love it!

*I love my parents. It truly is overwhelming to me sometimes how much support they continuously and freely give me. In every way. They are phenominal people, and the fact that I get to call them my parents is almost more than I can handle sometimes.

*I love my friends. All of my friends from all of my circles of friends! The last 2 weekends have just been a ball (figuritvely and literally haha) because of my wonderful friends!

love love love


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big deal...

About a month ago a miracle happened to me, and I feel more grateful for that miracle everyday and everytime I think about it.

Life changing. And because of that, I may or may not be up to something pretty unexpected and drastic..... I cannot wait to see what comes about of these unexpected events!