Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Missionary

Everyone, meet my missionary..... Hermana / Herrr-man / Hermy / Hormones Julia Rae Sanchez. :)
She's become one of my best friends ever and I think we spent every single day together this last year of LDC. Like multiple times a day together.... Hours on end together! Me, Julia, Claire, Sierra and Heather all just became the best of friends this year. We have such a unique and wonderful friendship that I know will last forever! I don't know if it's possible for anyone to have laughed as much or as hard as the 5 of us did ALL. THE. TIME. The stories and the inside jokes are just endless.... and mostly inappropriate, so we'll just keep those jokes on the inside. :) lol. Sisters. We took her to lunch with her family and then dropped her off at the MTC yesterday for 18 months while she serves in Honduras. She is going to be the most incredible and most OUTRAGEOUS missionary there ever was!! All you Hondurans out there, hold onto your pants cause Hermannnninn Sanchez is coming to knock your socks off, sing your face off, and make you laugh your pants off! Gosh I all ready miss her so much. Yes, I wrote her this morning all ready and yes I'm writing her again before I go to bed. :) haha. Photo montage in memory of Hooulia Sanchers.
Love you!
One of the most talented people I've ever known. The first time I heard her belt, my jaw was literally on the floor.
This pic just perfectly embodies her! Hahahaha. Whenever I think of her, I think of this exact face. Love it. Hate it.

We can't be serious for more than 3 minutes at a time....
Mexican heritage... grossest picture EVER! Hahaha
And this is why she got asked out on average 2 dates a day the whole 3 months before she left. Not even exaggerating.

Heather, Sierra, Julia, Me, Claire... The whole gang dropping her off at the MTC yesterday!

Love you forever Jules! I'll be waiting for you. :)


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bet you didn't know....

* Bet you didn't know... that I have never seen any of the following movies: Indiana Jones, Jurrasic Park, ET, Star Wars.... And a whole huge list of movies.. Maybe I'll have the desire to see them one day.

* Bet you didn't know... that I cannot even open my bedroom door in the morning unless my bed is made. I HAVE to make it every single day no matter what, even if it makes me late!!!!

* Bet you didn't know... that I have lived in Utah Valley for 4 years now and I have never been booted or towed (KNOCK ON WOOD!!)

* Bet you didn't know... that coconut is my absolute faaaaaaavvvvorite flavor ever in the whole world!

* Bet you didn't know... that Carrie Underwood is now tied with Rachel McAdams for my #1 girl crush..

* Bet you didn't know... that I envy people who can draw. It's an amazing talent that I absolutely do not have!

* Bet you didn't know... that I have a pathetic HATE for loose hair/ hair-balls. Hate them!

* Bet you didn't know... that I have an equally strong hate for The Carpenters/ Karen Carpenters voice. I have the same reaction to seeing a big hair-ball on the floor as I do when I hear her voice singing... "Merry Christmas, darling...." BARF.

* Bet you didn't know... that I LOVE Phil Collins!! I could listen to him all day! (This is what happens when you grow up listening to classic rock!)

* Bet you didn't know... that when I get super tired and it's late, I become dyslexic in speaking.... I mix words up and say them backwards. It's weird! ahah

* Bet you didn't know... that when I get scared, like if someone hides then jumps out and screams at me, my immediate and instinctive reaction is to SCREAM bloody murder and collapse straight on the floor!! Every. Single. Time. I end up straight on the floor!

* Bet you didn't know... that a couple of weeks ago, me and my 2 roomates were up talking for a looooong time. We finally looked at the clock, and it was 6:00 am!!! Thank goodness we didn't have school the next day! lol.

It feels like spring outside, and life is SO great!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Favorite Recipies!

If you're anything like me, your life is constantly hectic and crazy and you rarely have time to cook a meal. Also, you're living on a college budget, which is nothing! But here are three of my favorite healthy recepies that are quick, easy and cheap including one staple item: Rotissary Chicken!

 I never have time to sit cook chicken, so discovering rotissary chicken was a dream come true! Pick one up from your grocery store at the beginning of the week (they're usually at the front of the store in front of the check-out stands) and it will last you all week!

Recepie #1
Mexican-ish chicken salad

What you need:
*Shredded rotissary chicken
*Salad (I use the leafy green spring mix and baby spinach)
*Veggies! (Whenever you make a salad, use it as an opportunity to pack it full with as many veggies as possible! Brocoli, peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, carrots, and also beans! Black beans and garbonzo beans are my favorites and they are an excellent source of fiber!)
*A little bit of shredded cheese
*A few crushed tortilla chips
*And dressing! Ranch is for sure the best with this salad! (My opinion on salad dressing- A lot of people REFUSE to ever have ranch dressing... yes, it is higher in calories. However, it makes eating a salad sooo much more enjoyable! If my salad is packed full of colors, veggies, and nutrients, I could care less what kind of dressing I eat!)

Recepie #2
Mexican taco chicken soup (I just made the name up ahah- recepie is courtesey of my sister, Natalie Sanford!)

What you will need:
A can of corn
A can of black beans
A can of pinto beans
A can of diced tomatoes
A can of Rotel
A packet of dry ranch
Rotissary Chicken

** Important note for beans: whenever you are using beans in ANY recepie, make sure you drain them ALL THE WAY, otherwise it will end up super gooey. So be sure to drain your beans really well!

Mix half a can of corn, black beans and pinto beans in with a whole can of tomatoes and rotel. While that is cooking, throw the chicken on a skillet and mix in the whole packet of dry ranch and let it warm up until the chicken is lightly brown. Once that is done, mix it in with the rest of the stuff, let it boil for about 1 minute, put a little bit of cheese on top and a few crushed tortilla chips and there ya go!

Recepie #3
Mini chicken tortillas:

Get corn tortillas, some chicken, a little bit of cheese and salsa, microwave and BAM! 3 minute lunch is done! Two of these with a side of fruit does the trick for a quick and healthy lunch!

Both of these meals use the same ingredients and they both are DIRT cheap and so quick! Be sure to make extras so you can take them for lunch or dinner the next day. Bon Appetit!


Monday, March 5, 2012


1. Last month was hands down the busiest month of. My. Life. That's why I've been MIA.

2. I got hired to be an EFY counselor this summer!!! YAY!! I can't even tell you how STOKED I am! Right when I got the e-mail, I immediately knew that it's the right thing for me to be doing this summer. Provo EFY, here I come!!

3. So LDC got to sing in a devotional for Alex Boye on Friday and it was probably my favorite Friday Noon Devotional I've been to. The song we sang is called "I Will Rise," and it has been the most impactful song of my life. When we first got it in January, it was the only song I listened to for like 3 weeks straight. I'll try to post it sometime, because I KNOW it will become one of your favorites too.

Me singing the "I Will Rise," solo.

5. I had the wonderful opportunity to host the Institute talent show again this year as well as plan the whole entire thing. It was soooo fun and incredbily stressful and busy haha. I hosted with my phenomenal co-chair, Mark, for institute council (we're over the music committee which means that we're over all 3 of the choirs at the institute and we're both in LDC) and he is just amazing. He is easily in the top 5 best guys I have ever met, and we had so much fun planning and hosting it together! Pics to come soon!

6. I can't believe I only have 2 more months left of LDC..... Deciding to audition for LDC over 3 years ago was the best decision I have yet to make in my life, and this choir and the people in it have changed my life for the better in every way. Shoot, now I'm starting to cry haha. Words cannot begin to express how much I love my LDC family. We spend like every waking hour together because we just can't get enough of eachother! ( that would explain why I've been averaging 5 hours of sleep EVERY night this whole semester :/ haha. But they are sooo worth it!)

This night. Easily top 3 times I've laughed the very hardest in my whole entire life!

Spring retreat in February! Last retreat :( Yes, I'm dressed like a pioneer at Classic Skating.....

Singing at a rest home on retreat. Love singing to these little cuties!

The whole gang! My LDC family!

Life has literally never been better. :) And I promise to strive to be more consistent with this blog thing! Hahaha. Expect some healthy recepies on a college student's budget soon!