Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Missionary

Everyone, meet my missionary..... Hermana / Herrr-man / Hermy / Hormones Julia Rae Sanchez. :)
She's become one of my best friends ever and I think we spent every single day together this last year of LDC. Like multiple times a day together.... Hours on end together! Me, Julia, Claire, Sierra and Heather all just became the best of friends this year. We have such a unique and wonderful friendship that I know will last forever! I don't know if it's possible for anyone to have laughed as much or as hard as the 5 of us did ALL. THE. TIME. The stories and the inside jokes are just endless.... and mostly inappropriate, so we'll just keep those jokes on the inside. :) lol. Sisters. We took her to lunch with her family and then dropped her off at the MTC yesterday for 18 months while she serves in Honduras. She is going to be the most incredible and most OUTRAGEOUS missionary there ever was!! All you Hondurans out there, hold onto your pants cause Hermannnninn Sanchez is coming to knock your socks off, sing your face off, and make you laugh your pants off! Gosh I all ready miss her so much. Yes, I wrote her this morning all ready and yes I'm writing her again before I go to bed. :) haha. Photo montage in memory of Hooulia Sanchers.
Love you!
One of the most talented people I've ever known. The first time I heard her belt, my jaw was literally on the floor.
This pic just perfectly embodies her! Hahahaha. Whenever I think of her, I think of this exact face. Love it. Hate it.

We can't be serious for more than 3 minutes at a time....
Mexican heritage... grossest picture EVER! Hahaha
And this is why she got asked out on average 2 dates a day the whole 3 months before she left. Not even exaggerating.

Heather, Sierra, Julia, Me, Claire... The whole gang dropping her off at the MTC yesterday!

Love you forever Jules! I'll be waiting for you. :)


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  1. If missionaries-to-be make friends with you before they sail away, they are set. You are the true-est, most perfect friend! What an adorable tribute to her! She is going to rock. And she is so lucky to have you supporting her!, beej, and wilf. Perfect lovelies.