Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi! Remember me? It's about time I updated this here blog. 

* I'm still working full time at Vivint as the Administrative Assistant for Service Support and I love it!

* I was also in summer school that just finished last week and it was twice a week 3 hours long AT 7:00 AM.... NO THANKS. Ew, don't ever EVER take a 7:00 am class in the summer.
I got asked to judge a beauty pagent. Probably one of the more random things I've ever done, but  it was still so much fun! 

* I've been able to spend so much time with my family the last few months and I have LOVED it! Seriously, they are the absolute best!
Not my actual family, but they have been my second my throughout college. :) xoxo

* At the beginning of June I was a bridesmaid again for the 9th time and in 3 weeks I will hit lucky #10. Hahaha I love it! Congrats Mrs. Claire Hansen :) 

* I miss EFY. A lot. Like every single day. Wanna know what will make you feel old real fast? When your EFY participants start leaving on their missions.... WHAT?! I got hired for EFY to be a Building Counselor for 10 weeks this summer THE DAY AFTER I got promoted. Of course. It's a good thing I love my job or else I would be so so sad! 

* The Temple is my pilar of strength.I have relied on the Temple to get me through this last year, which has been the most difficult of my life, and looking back I did not realize how much strength I have been receiving from the Temple each week. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father allows us to go to His home here on earth even when we are so imperfect and full of sins. 

* I also think that if I could be described in one picture, this would be pretty close to accurate...