Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reason #768

This is reason #768 why I am IN LOVE with him. If this doesn't bring you to tears, I don't know what will. Admirable and inspiring.

David, you are PERFECTION!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Awkward #5

The other day I was walking down the hall with one of my adorable guy friends, Dan. I had a million things in my arms and my purse was unzipped and overflowing with stuff. I thought I felt something fall out of my purse and Dan looked down to see what it was and said, "Ummmmm.... Al, you dropped..... something....." And there it was. A tampon that had "super plus" written HUGE all over it laying in the middle of the barren hall all by it's lonesome self.

Deck the Halls people, Deck the Halls!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Awkward #4

So on Friday, I gave a 20 minute presentation in one of my classes. After I sat down, I realized my zipper had been down. The. Whole. Time.
Pretty average for me.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


1.    What in the world happened to this semester?? I am beside myself that there are 2 weeks left of this semester…. 2 weeks!! This was such an awesome semester, for sure my favorite semester I’ve ever had.

2.    It’s just disgusting how busy I am. I was organizing my life for the next 3 weeks in my planner and calendar on Sunday and when I was done I just looked at it and burst into laughter! Lets hope I come out of the next 3 weeks in one piece. :/ haha

3.    K, even though I am so busy and I have so much going on in my life, I promise I have never been this happy and I’ve never had so much fun in my life! I am so incredibly blessed and I don’t know why I am. I have been blessed with so many amazing and unique opportunities this year that I will never get again and that so many people would kill to have. Monday’s are a little crazy for me, especially yesterday. I had an institute council meeting at 7:00 am, class, break, class (got cancelled) so I went back to the institute to start doing stuff for our Christmas show. Then I had another institute meeting for the Christmas show, then LDC, then I had another music committee meeting right after. As I was walking down to my last meeting, I groaned so loud and said “uggggggghhhhh, I’m SO SICK of meetings!” But while I was in the meeting, I kept of thinking “I love this so much. There is nothing I would rather be doing with my time! Why in the heck was I complaining? So many people would kill to have the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with.” I only have one more semester left of LDC and institute council, so even if I feel like I’m drowning in business and I feel like I should just pack my stuff up and move into the institute building, I’ll remember that I AM SO BLESSED. I want to show my Heavenly Father how GRATEFUL I am for these blessings by being 100% invested in my callings and by not complaining when things get busy.

4.    I love my roommates! We decorated our apartment for Christmas last night and it was so fun! We gathered extra decorations from our parents houses so everything is mis-matched or from the dollar store… hahahaaha. Oh, it’s so special. We named it Factory Christmas Reject. I need to take some pictures. But it does feel magical and festive in our home!

5.    I love Sierra Ainge. She is one of my best friends and one of my favorite people in the world. I love talking with her and she is such an incredible friend to me and I love and appreciate her so much. I know she is someone that will be in my life forev. J “you look pretty…..” haha

6.    October 28 I watched one of my dearest friends, Emily Smith (now Bennett) marry another one of my good friends Robert Bennett! It was such a special day! They met in LDC and we spent the last 2 years in choir together. I love them so much and they’ve both had such a positive influence in my life, especially Emily. I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids so I got to spend the whole day with them. Incredible. They walked out of the Temple exploding with love! I just know that the Lord has BIG things in store for them because they are such a power couple. She looked stunning. Stunning! She is like the most perfectly feminine woman I think I’ve ever met, and I drool over her PERFECT style every time I see her and her whole wedding was no exception! Her dress. The bridesmaids & groomsmen outfits. The decorations. The reception. The fact that Rob & Em, and all the bridesmaids & groomsmen surprised everyone at the reception by singing “You and I,” by Ingrid Michaelson. It was a hit! Their first dance made me cry. Seeing how pure and powerful their love for each other was gave me so much hope in finding true love! They are so perfect for each other and they solitified to me that our Heavenly Father WANTS us to find that perfect person for us and that He DOES help guide us to that person at the right time. Emily, thank you so much for letting me be part of your perfect day. I am so grateful for your friendship and for the amazing example you have set for me. I truly want to be just like you when I grow up. J I love you so much!
so so fun!

isn't she so gorgeous?!

Love the vintage feel of the whole wedding!

this is when I yelled "k super dramatic girl laughing picture!"

THEE happiest couple I know!

magical. :)

Christmas is SO soon, and life is wonderful peeps. :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Naturally curly hair tips!

So I have naturally curly hair. VERY curly hair I should say haha. My amazing sister-in-law, Lisa Morgan, is the absolute best hair stylist around ( I may be a little biast... but she really is basically perfect!) and she gave me some amazing tips for my curls. Not only that, but my hair has grown a TON since I've been applying these pointers she gave me, so I thought I'd share her brillance with you peeps. :)

* Take prenatal vitamins. It's not only good for your hair, but for your skin too. Plus it has the same components as a multi-vitamin, so take a prenatal in place of that. (I've also found that prenatal's don't make me as sick as multi's too...)

* Don't wash your hair as much! I wash my hair at MOST 3 times a week. It's usually twice. And I only use shampoo on my whole hair one of those times because my hair gets chlorine in it once a week. Other than that, I ONLY use conditioner the rest of the time. Be brave and try it!

 * After you get out of the shower, don't use a brush of any kind. Use only your fingers to LIGHTLY part your hair and comb through it. This will help keep your curls in-tact and make them more defined and less frizzy.

* Don't use a towel to dry your hair, use an old t-shirt! Gently ring the water out, part and comb your hair with your fingers, then use the t-shirt to scrunch/ dry your hair. Especially scrunching the roots to get as much volume as possible. The t-shirt almost eliminates all the frizz, but try not to use a 100% cotton shirt.

* When your hair is drying, get 4-5 bear claw clips and section your hair off at the very crown of your head. Start from the bottom and scrunch your hair up into the clip and clip it at the very root of your head and then let your hair air dry. This helps with the volume and helps define the curls.

All of these tips have worked wonders on my hair and I hope they'll do the same for yours!


Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi, remember me? This is a picture of what my life has looked like the last month. :)

This is actually my name now, not Allie. They made me change it.... (who's they??) Thanksgiving break literally CANNOT come fast enough.

You know you've taken busy to a new level when the only sleep you get for 36 hours is a 45 minute nap in your car inbetween classes....

We had to put my perfect dog, Sadie, to sleep on Thursday. Heartbroken. Don't even know how it's possible to keep producing tears, but it will hit me at the most random times and I'll burst into tears. I was "that girl" who was sobbing at school on Thursday and no one knew why... We've had her since I was 7. She was 15 and was my perfect, best BEST friend. I can't even begin to describe how much I miss her, but my parents did the right thing by putting her down. I know she'll be the fastest one to greet me when i get to Heaven. :)

Life is good peeps, life is good. :)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Never have I ever...

* Never have I ever been stung by a bee (true story.)

* Never have I ever loved a professor more than I love Lynley Rowan. Best teacher I've had a UVU by a long shot. She rocks my world!

* Never have I ever learned more (academically) in a semester than I've already learned this semester and loved school so much! (It is just wonderful taking classes that you love and that are actually applicable to your career.)

* Never have I ever loved General Conference so much. Sister Dalton's talk was just lovely! As well as so many others. I learned so much this conference and can't wait to listen to all of the talks again.

* Never have I ever loved my family more. :) my niece and nephews blow your niece and nephews cuteness out the water...

* Never have I ever loved the weather more than I loved it today!!!! Rainy days that make you want to wear sweaters, scarves, boots and beanies... I'm so obsessed with fall and this time of year!!!

* Never have I ever loved my ward so much. But that might be a lie cause I've loved every ward I've been in, but this ward is particularly special. The bishopbric is phenomenal, the people are so friendly and kind and the teachers are nothing short of gifted. Well, one teacher in particular. His name is Salah. If you've lived in Ventana, you know who he is. He is....... I can't even come up with the words to describe who he is. I'll just say that his teachings are so powerful that it makes you want to change your life permanently for the better. (his lesson on keeping the Sabbath day holy was the biggest wake up call I've ever had on the Sabbath..... this quote from his lesson is on my wall "you can tell a lot about a persons faith by how they choose to spend the Sabbath..." that one made me think pretty dang hard!)

* Never have I ever been more busy than I am right now.... and I only get busier from here. :)

* Never have I ever been so sure as to where I am supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing at this exact time in my life. And I'm so at peace and so genuinely happy with who I am and my life right now. Prayer + faith + regular Temple attendance + fierce obedience & commitment to the Gospel + patience & faith in His timing = happy happy people. :)

* Never have I ever been more creeped out as I was a couple days ago when I went to brush my teeth and discovered there was a loose hair on my toothbrush inside of my mouth.............. absolutely disturbing.

Life is good peeps. :)


I couldn't resist it any longer..... I listened to Christmas music today........ :/

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things I love #1

*I love my dear friend Ali, and I love our HANSON tradition haha! Remember how Ali and I went to the HANSON concert last year? Welp, we've turned it into a tradition, because we went again this thursday! So SO fun! I highly recommend going to one of their shows. I mean, who wouldn't want to sing and dance to "Mmmbop," live???

*I love birthdays!! Remember how I turn 22 TOMORROW?? Geez I'm old!

*I love early mornings! I know, I know, if you know me well you're laughing at the computer right now, because I've been a nortorious morning hater. But, for the last month I've been in the habit of starting my days earrrrly and I love it! It feels so great to already have worked out, showered, scripture study, ate a healthy breakfast and walked to school all before 8:00 am. Love it!

*I love my parents. It truly is overwhelming to me sometimes how much support they continuously and freely give me. In every way. They are phenominal people, and the fact that I get to call them my parents is almost more than I can handle sometimes.

*I love my friends. All of my friends from all of my circles of friends! The last 2 weekends have just been a ball (figuritvely and literally haha) because of my wonderful friends!

love love love


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big deal...

About a month ago a miracle happened to me, and I feel more grateful for that miracle everyday and everytime I think about it.

Life changing. And because of that, I may or may not be up to something pretty unexpected and drastic..... I cannot wait to see what comes about of these unexpected events!


Monday, August 29, 2011


* Remember that one time when I was learning how to do a gainer off the diving board and how instead of landing it straight on I landed on my side and I totally blew out my ear drum instead? Pretty normal for me I'd say.

* I thuroughly enjoy school. And Orem. For all you haters, don't knock it til you try it!

** Every heartache we go through now gets us that much closer to the thing that will never break our heart.

* Have you seen "The Help," yet? If not, I highly reccomend it! "you is kind, you is smart, you is important." :)

* Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

* Life is almost never as bad as we think it is. Just take a look around and you'll see just how incredible your life is.

* Megan Marie Madsen is now officially Megan Marie Snyder! The wedding was just incredible. Probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Prayer is real and it works cause it started raining the second the reception ended! Everything went off without a hitch (except for the part when Nate, Ben and Jason threw me into the pool at the end of the night, fully clothed in my bridesmaid gear.... those crazy hooligans. ha) and they were just absolutely glowing and so in love! 2 down, 3 to go.....

* I am so increbily humbled, stoked and SO excited to be on institute council this year!!!!!! Gosh, the peeps I'm serving with are the definition of "the cream of the crop." I swear, the people that I meet just get more and more elevated. I don't know how I'm going to keep on meeting such amazing people! I'm only 21 (22 on the 18th of September... weird) and I've already met the best people on the planet! I feel so inadequate to serve in such a huge calling with such awesome people, but I know I've got this calling for a reason and that the Lord will help me to achieve it. Because hey, the impossible IS possible with Him!

* My biggest goal this year: Don't be destination happy; be journey happy! Before I know it this stage of life will be over and I'll never get it back. So I gotta make the absolute very most of it while I'm still living in it!

The Church is true peeps! Life is so great! (Is it so disgusting that I'm just ITCHING for Christmas music already...............?)

HEY!!!!! Wow, I almost forgot the whole purpose of this post! I got side tracked... story of my life. Ha. LDC auditions are THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY from NOON- 3 in the south chapel at the UVU institute building!! If you love to sing or know anyone that does, please tell them to come audition. I promise you it will change your life, because it has most certainly changed mine. Come audition!

K I'm out you knuckle heads (the 2 of you that read this.... ha)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My dream...

I was 5 years old when I saw the movie Grease for the first time. I would sneak away and watch the movie over and over and over again. I was totally captivated by all the singing, dancing and acting. My parents quickly caught onto my fascination with this world of performing and signed me up for my first dance classes and also my first acting company....

In the years to follow, I became totally wrapped up in singing lessons, dance class, piano and performed in several musicals and plays. Performing simply became my life!

Because of my deep love for performing, I've made it a big part of my life. Aside from the Gospel and the amazing people in my life, nothing brings me more happiness than performing. :)

Everytime I see a show on Broadway, go to a concert, dance performance. Everytime I hear a great singer, watch an actress completely lose herself in acting or see an inspiring dance. It takes every ounce of self control for me to not get up and join them on stage! There is simply NO feeling in the world that compares to that of being on a stage in front of a crowd..... the energy and the adrenaline that you feel right before you go on stage.... mmmmm. :)

If only I had the guts to go after it.........


Sunday, July 24, 2011


1. Tessa FINALLY moved back home this week!! YAY!

2. ** I crossed off a very important item on my bucket list last week.... I STARTED A SLOW CLAP!!!!!!!!!! AND it was during the Harry Potter premier which makes it absolutely perfect! AND it happened during the the Twilight movie trailer when Jacob takes his shirt off. I slowly started clapping and the whole audience started clapping along which then led to some screams and cat calls. Dreams really do come true people..

3. Megan and Spencer get married in a month! Woop woop!

4. School also starts in a month which I'm actually very excited for/ scared for. This semester just might kill me... :/

5. I am currently looking to hire someone to make all of my big life decisions for me. I need someone who is level- headed and conservative, yet thinks out-of-the-box and is somewhat mischevious. I'm looking for someone to make decisions such as: where Allie should live this year, the specifics of Allie's career, who Allie should date, and where Allie should travel to next year. If you feel like you meet the qualifications, send in a resume.

6. Jessie J anyone? This fool has some MAD pipe's! So I'm off to London to steal her vocal chords. And to marry Nevel Longbottom.

Don't forget to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday on July 31 this next Sunday!