Monday, August 29, 2011


* Remember that one time when I was learning how to do a gainer off the diving board and how instead of landing it straight on I landed on my side and I totally blew out my ear drum instead? Pretty normal for me I'd say.

* I thuroughly enjoy school. And Orem. For all you haters, don't knock it til you try it!

** Every heartache we go through now gets us that much closer to the thing that will never break our heart.

* Have you seen "The Help," yet? If not, I highly reccomend it! "you is kind, you is smart, you is important." :)

* Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

* Life is almost never as bad as we think it is. Just take a look around and you'll see just how incredible your life is.

* Megan Marie Madsen is now officially Megan Marie Snyder! The wedding was just incredible. Probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Prayer is real and it works cause it started raining the second the reception ended! Everything went off without a hitch (except for the part when Nate, Ben and Jason threw me into the pool at the end of the night, fully clothed in my bridesmaid gear.... those crazy hooligans. ha) and they were just absolutely glowing and so in love! 2 down, 3 to go.....

* I am so increbily humbled, stoked and SO excited to be on institute council this year!!!!!! Gosh, the peeps I'm serving with are the definition of "the cream of the crop." I swear, the people that I meet just get more and more elevated. I don't know how I'm going to keep on meeting such amazing people! I'm only 21 (22 on the 18th of September... weird) and I've already met the best people on the planet! I feel so inadequate to serve in such a huge calling with such awesome people, but I know I've got this calling for a reason and that the Lord will help me to achieve it. Because hey, the impossible IS possible with Him!

* My biggest goal this year: Don't be destination happy; be journey happy! Before I know it this stage of life will be over and I'll never get it back. So I gotta make the absolute very most of it while I'm still living in it!

The Church is true peeps! Life is so great! (Is it so disgusting that I'm just ITCHING for Christmas music already...............?)

HEY!!!!! Wow, I almost forgot the whole purpose of this post! I got side tracked... story of my life. Ha. LDC auditions are THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY from NOON- 3 in the south chapel at the UVU institute building!! If you love to sing or know anyone that does, please tell them to come audition. I promise you it will change your life, because it has most certainly changed mine. Come audition!

K I'm out you knuckle heads (the 2 of you that read this.... ha)


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  1. "Every heartache we go through now gets us that much closer to the thing that will never break our heart."

    Thank you for sharing that. I'm going to try and remember it tonight. :)