Thursday, October 6, 2011

Never have I ever...

* Never have I ever been stung by a bee (true story.)

* Never have I ever loved a professor more than I love Lynley Rowan. Best teacher I've had a UVU by a long shot. She rocks my world!

* Never have I ever learned more (academically) in a semester than I've already learned this semester and loved school so much! (It is just wonderful taking classes that you love and that are actually applicable to your career.)

* Never have I ever loved General Conference so much. Sister Dalton's talk was just lovely! As well as so many others. I learned so much this conference and can't wait to listen to all of the talks again.

* Never have I ever loved my family more. :) my niece and nephews blow your niece and nephews cuteness out the water...

* Never have I ever loved the weather more than I loved it today!!!! Rainy days that make you want to wear sweaters, scarves, boots and beanies... I'm so obsessed with fall and this time of year!!!

* Never have I ever loved my ward so much. But that might be a lie cause I've loved every ward I've been in, but this ward is particularly special. The bishopbric is phenomenal, the people are so friendly and kind and the teachers are nothing short of gifted. Well, one teacher in particular. His name is Salah. If you've lived in Ventana, you know who he is. He is....... I can't even come up with the words to describe who he is. I'll just say that his teachings are so powerful that it makes you want to change your life permanently for the better. (his lesson on keeping the Sabbath day holy was the biggest wake up call I've ever had on the Sabbath..... this quote from his lesson is on my wall "you can tell a lot about a persons faith by how they choose to spend the Sabbath..." that one made me think pretty dang hard!)

* Never have I ever been more busy than I am right now.... and I only get busier from here. :)

* Never have I ever been so sure as to where I am supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing at this exact time in my life. And I'm so at peace and so genuinely happy with who I am and my life right now. Prayer + faith + regular Temple attendance + fierce obedience & commitment to the Gospel + patience & faith in His timing = happy happy people. :)

* Never have I ever been more creeped out as I was a couple days ago when I went to brush my teeth and discovered there was a loose hair on my toothbrush inside of my mouth.............. absolutely disturbing.

Life is good peeps. :)


I couldn't resist it any longer..... I listened to Christmas music today........ :/

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  1. Allie, girl, I LOVE your constant positivity! I love knowing you so much. :) I miss you like CRAZY! Please come visit USU. :) Have a SLEEPOVER with me!! xoxo