Sunday, July 24, 2011


1. Tessa FINALLY moved back home this week!! YAY!

2. ** I crossed off a very important item on my bucket list last week.... I STARTED A SLOW CLAP!!!!!!!!!! AND it was during the Harry Potter premier which makes it absolutely perfect! AND it happened during the the Twilight movie trailer when Jacob takes his shirt off. I slowly started clapping and the whole audience started clapping along which then led to some screams and cat calls. Dreams really do come true people..

3. Megan and Spencer get married in a month! Woop woop!

4. School also starts in a month which I'm actually very excited for/ scared for. This semester just might kill me... :/

5. I am currently looking to hire someone to make all of my big life decisions for me. I need someone who is level- headed and conservative, yet thinks out-of-the-box and is somewhat mischevious. I'm looking for someone to make decisions such as: where Allie should live this year, the specifics of Allie's career, who Allie should date, and where Allie should travel to next year. If you feel like you meet the qualifications, send in a resume.

6. Jessie J anyone? This fool has some MAD pipe's! So I'm off to London to steal her vocal chords. And to marry Nevel Longbottom.

Don't forget to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday on July 31 this next Sunday!


1 comment:

  1. Resume
    Sier and Tes
    17, 21
    together. we make a team. harry p fanatics. can get home from the airport without driving to herriman. you are our bestie. can scare you better than anyone as you are climbing into bed. HA!!!!!! panties on-right side in.
    levelly air headed... close enough? power ditch pros. P90X trainie. loves sadie like darzy. can plan a trip to scipio for all of us. .. or mona.