Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awkward #3

Awkward #3

Yesterday I was in charge of the float for the Institute in the Provo Parade. My friend Tyler and one of our institute teachers, Brother Sackett, were wearing almost identical outfits. I thought I saw Tyler bent down working on something on the float so I ran over to him and slid my hand all the way inside of his pocket as I said, "Can I leave these in your pocket my dear?" Then, Brother Sackett turned around. And I realized I had carressed his leg instead of Tylers......... AWK.WARRRD.

ps. I was just taking a bath and all of the sudden a SPIDER fell into the tub. I FLEW out of that tub so fast completely covered in bubbles still. EW EW EW.


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  1. *deep breath*

    BAHAHAHA!!! OMGosh, that just made my LIFE, Allie!!!