Saturday, June 25, 2011

Allie is an onion.

So. I just got back from a blind date that my adorable cousins set up. He called me last night, we chatted, and asked me to go out tonight. He picked me up and we went to the Bee's game and met up with some of his friends. He was an awesome guy. Super cute, easy to talk to and very much a gentlemen...... Would I go out with him again? I dunno. Probably. Am I interested in him? I dunno..... That's the thing here folks, YOU DON'T KNOW WITH BLIND DATING!!!!!!!!!

I've been doing a lot of dating in the last 6 months and I would say about 60% of them have been blind dates. It seriously is so nice and considerate of people to want to keep setting me up, but I've never been on a second date with any of the guys I've been set up with. And this is my theory about why that's the case....

Have any of you ever taken the color code personality test? I am exactly 50/50 white & yellow. Or have any of you ever done the "cube" or the "box" personality test? For those who haven't- you close your eyes and imagine your stopped on the side of the road in the middle of the desert. You imagine you see a cube, a ladder, flowers, a horse and a storm. I'm not gonna explain all of what it means, but I'll explain what the CUBE means. The cube represents you. The size, shape, texture and location can mean a variety of things. ie- the size of the cube can represent your opinion of yourself, your ego, your expectations for yourself..... If your cube is transparent it can mean you're a very open minded and open in general person, meaning you may tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. Solid can mean that maybe you're more closed off, it's hard for you to let people in and fully trust them....

When I took this test, my cube was a giant solid iron cube on the ground... WITH A VAULTED LOCK ON IT.

So what do these 2 tests say about Allie? Well, I'm a happy-go-lucky, optimistic, private, INTENSLEY deep thinker,who is so scared to let anyone see her "pearals," or the deepest parts of me,that I very rarely "open my vault," for anyone......Did that make any sense at all?? You know the part on Shrek when they say "Ogars are like onions; you have to peel them back layer by layer." ? Well "ALLIE is an onion; you have to peel her back layer by layer."

Here's the thing. Because of my personality, blind- dating just doesn't seem to work for me.... I'm not the kind of girl that makes a "love at first sight," impression. I'm the kind of girl who becomes your best friend over time and eventually at some point might develop stronger feelings. All of my past boyfriends and guys I've dated, I have been GOOD friends with them for well over a year before they wanted to date me.

TIME. Time is CRUCIAL to me when it comes to dating and relationships. And for me personally, that's just impossible when it comes to blind dating.......

So sorry for this dramatic post. Lol.


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