Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 Summer BUCKET LIST!!!!!

Summer to me means one thing: FUN & ADVENTURE!!!!! Here is my summer 2010 bucket list so far!!
*Read all 7 Harry Potters
*Rollerblade at the skate park
*Memorize the Living Christ
*Do Relay for Life
*Play ultimate fugitive. When I say ultimate, I mean ULTIMATE! There would be 2 rounds... round 1 starts at the Draper Temple and ends at the Wendy's in Draper..!! Round 2 starts at that Wendys and ends at the Sandy Library!! Don't worry, I've already started training to run that thing!!! Aahah
*Start a Quidditch LEAGUE!!!
*Hike in Moab
*St. George trip to visit Vern(my Grandpa) and to rollerblade down some sick trails!
*Learn to longboard!
*Dance in the rain
*When it does rain, go to the Bowl and get in a big black garbage bag and slather it in Crisco and slide down the hill!
*Camp as often as possible
*Play capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, follow the judge and kick the can!
*Somehow win tickets to the Justin Bieber concert
*Play in the fountains at Gateway
*Barefoot walks every Sunday with my Mommy
*Make a spontaneous trip somewhere
*Try as many newðnic foods as I can
*Do something to attempt to overcome my fear of heights
*Do a really big crafty art project
*Volunteer somewhere awesome
*Go to as many Utah Temples as I can
*Attempt to read one book a week
*Do the Sky Coaster at Lagoon!
*Get to a beach!

I hope I can cross them all off by the end of the summer and I hope some of you will join me in these adventures!!


  1. Allie! love the blog. And the summer list is just lovely. I definitely want to be involved in as many of those things as i am allowed :) you are cute girlie. Oh and if you need help with your blog i can totally help you when i get home! loves

  2. allie. your blog is so cute!
    let me know when you are playing night games. i totally want to be in.