Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh the blessed days of summer have alas arrived:) I love everything about summer! BBQ's, swimming, tracy's house, WARMTH, late nights, being outside, boating, camping, you name it and I love it! Last Saturday one of my bff's Caitlin Maurer and I were finally able to go swim at Alta Canyon to celebrate summer! It was so fun, just like old times, accept for I just got so excited that I was swimming that I totally spaced putting on sunscreen and came home with one of the worst sunburns I've ever had haha! Evertime i move I just wince cause it hurst SO bad! I was texting Christian and he jokingly said, "I'm just gonna slap your sunburned leg the second I see you,".... my eyes literally started watering because even the thought of someone touching me made me cry.... lol! Moral of the story, WEAR SUNSCREEN!! Don't worry I've been wearing spf 50 everyday since then... no lie!! So besides that, this summer has been a blast so far! I've been to lots of BBQ's, a pool party at tracy's, night games, sunday walks barefoot:), picnics, and lots of fun dates with this guy :):) All I need to do is go camping and boating as much as possible and I'll be the happiest camper there ever was! Oh I wanna shoot the tube this summer too!! Who's with me?! I hope everyone else's summer is as fun as mine!

Side note: everyone and their DOG is either married, close to getting married, or dating someone they are going to marry.... I think I'm up to 15 friends getting married from now til september!!!!!

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