Sunday, September 12, 2010

Megan Marie Madsen!!

It's about time I intorduce you to another one of my best friends, Freuben Rupert Toobin Doobey... more commonly known as Megan! Isn't she so beautiful??? Like all of my other best friends, Meg has been in my life for 15 years now and what a blessing that has been! Megan is just a good person. She has been blessed with a "guilty concious," that always enables her to know what is right and what is wrong. This is one reason why I have kept her around all these years ;) Meg is brilliant. She has always maintained fantastic grades, even in college now. She takes her education very seriously and we can all strive to follow her example of being so dedicated to her schooling. Meg isn't afraid to go after her dreams. If she wants something bad enough, she will do everything she can to make that thing happen. She doesn't let the fear of rejection stop her from chasing her dreams, unlike some people I know (....cough, ME,.... cough) I need to work harder to be more like Meg in this aspect of life. Megan has the gift of creativity! She is constantly blowing us away with her latest creations from being a phenominal dance choreographer (she has been choreographing for high schools all over since she was in high school) to starting a small headband making business (again, something I've been wanting to do but haven't had the time and have been too scared)!! She puts 110% into everything she does. She's kind of a perfectionist which can be a great thing because she refuses to do things half heartedly. It's all or nothing for her which is something else I admire about her. For all you boys out there, I guarantee Megan Madsen is a bigger BYU football than you are!! She is a FANATIC!!! She was fan of the year, and she went to that one game last year in Texas maybe? (this goes to show how absolutely clueless I am when it comes to football... lol) and she managed to make the cover of the newspaper while at that game (picture above)!! I really think her devotion to BYU literally runs in her veins.. hahaha! Whenever we hang out with a new group of guys for the first time and someone brings up BYU football and she starts rattling off stats and starts re-broadcasting the games, the guys are all dumbfounded by the fact that she might actually know more about the game than they do haha! She's crazy and I LOVE it!!
Now, I know I've said this about all of my girls, but Megan for really reals makes me laugh harder than anyone!!!!! My Grandpa Vern has the #1 spot, my parents are tied for second, and then I think Meg and Ali Lente are tied for the #3 spot for people who make me laught the very hardest!!! Meg also has a gift of story telling (another one of her fabulous gifts that I wish I had)!! I always looked forward to when Meg came home for the day because she almost always had a funny story for us! I don't even think I can start writing some of the most memorable funny moments with Meg because they are ALL so funny!!! Meg these are for you: the dirty rotten fish picture, "von, two, three four," CHUCKY, terri, "I tell you these things, so you know them" "Goodnight & goodnight," and now my new favorite, "I'm just here for the cookies!!" L O L!!! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to watch all of these memories in Heaven with you someday haha!
Meg, you know how much I love you. You are one of the biggest blessings in my life and I think my Heavenly Father for you everyday. You are such a great example and friend to me and I'm the most blessed girl ever that I get to call you one of my best friends! I love you so much.

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