Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday I accomplished something that I have been wanting to do for about 2 years now.... I am now officially a certified group fitness/ Turbokick instructor!!! :):) I can't believe I actually did it.. I was so nervous going into it, because do you want to know what? Yesterday was the first Turbokick class I've ever taken in my life :) Although I felt somewhat inadequate, I knew I could do it. Probably the biggest goal I set for myself this year was to get certified to teach something before Christmas. I am SO glad I did it! It was so fun, but so hard too. 8 1/2 hrs STRAIGHT of kickboxing.... my body is screaming at me today because it is so sore. But it's worth all of the time and the pain!
THAT SAID, I'm going to be teaching 6-8 weeks of FREE TURBOKICK CLASSES!! I'm going to be teaching them THURSDAY nights at 8:00 at my church in Sandy (the church on Eastdell right by Parklane) so, you ALL need to come!!! Turbokick is seriously the funnest workout there is! You're having so much fun that you don't realize just how hard you're working.... hard enough to burn 1,000 calories in ONE hour of Turbo! So, bring your friends and family and come to my FREE classes! I won't be ready to teach by this Thursday, so NEXT Thursday, Nov. 4, plan on coming to my first Turbokick class!

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  1. Girl remind me and I will be there! I love you!