Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hmm... ya I decided I'm done waiting for my friends to get home.

I've waited long enough.

Miss them so much everyday. At least I'm on the downward slope with all of them.

Come home. THanks!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tracy Miranda Polevoy

Everyone, meet the next one of the fabulous 5, tracy miranda george abraham washington peter thomas kent lincoln bunny marsha chris brown polevoy :) T-raace and I have a habbit of making new nicknames for eachother on a daily basis, hence the names:). Like I've mentioned before, trace has been one of my best friends since I was 5 years old! I remember having Mrs. Heeche's class with her in 2 grade, with her short hair and perm and everything:) If any of you were there to witness this glorious event, this was the year that me, tracy and charbri created and performed our infamous "Calling You," dance in the 2nd grade talent show! Lol.. needless to say, 12 years later, we still make up dances in our apartment together haah. One of my favorite things about her is that she can still kick off her heals and act like a 10 year old girl with me again! There are so many nights where we just lay on her bed making up songs, singing along to chris brown or nora jones, and laughing hysterically at Tracy's thoughts on life! I can honestly say that Trace is in my top 10 people who can always make me laugh harder than just about anyone! This is another one of my favorite things about her, is that she truly can make anyone and everyone laugh til they cry or pee their pants! Maybe one reason why is because she has one of the best and most hilarious laughs ever!! I love when we've all just gotten into bed, we're almost asleep then all of the sudden you hear a burst of the craziest laughter you've ever heard coming from tracy and tessa's room! Lace and I always end up laughing just from hearing them laugh cause we know that trace probably just said something ridiculous haha. Trace has one of the funnest and brightest personalities and she can always light up any room she walks into! There are so many things that i admire about Tracy. Tracy has a deep love for the Temple and I feel like that's one thing that has kept our friendship so strong and one thing that keeps us grounded. She is always silently motivating me to go the Temple every week by her silent example and commitment to the Temple. Thank you for keeping the Temple a big part of my life trace. Tracy is also the most incredible friend. She will go above and beyone for the people she loves the most and she is so loyal to her best friends. I know I can always count on Trace to be there for me whenever and wherever. Trace has the sweetest and most sincere testimony. She tries her hardest to live the Gospel everyday and she sets a great example for her family and her friends of living the principles of this Gospel and I know she will set an even stronger example for her future husband and children as well as my children. I can't wait for my children to get acquainted with their crazy aunt tracy:) Tracy has too many amazing qualities and attributes to name but I would have to say my favorite is her sensitivity and empathy for her friends. I wish I had this gift that tracy has. When you come to Trace with a serious problem or thought, she not only listens to you and sympathises for you, she really will empathize and cry with you. I remember it was exactly a year ago when I came to Tracy with a problem that was really tender to me and I was crying as I was talking to her about the problem. After I got done telling her my story and problem, I looked up at her and she was crying with me. After seeing that, it only made me cry harder because I not only knew she was listening to every word I said, she felt what I was feeling too. Trace, this is a gift from the Lord that you have been blessed with. This is such a rare and beautiful quiality that you have obtained from our Saviors example. Just as the Savior doesn't just listen to our cries and pleas to Him, He cries along with us and feels what we are feeling. That's what makes me know with complete assurity that He does hear our thoughts and cries and that He loves and cares about us. You are evidence of His love for me Tra. You have stood in the Saviors place in so many instances in my life and wrapped your arms around me and cried along with me as I try to come to peace with a problem. I cannot ever thank you enough for what this means to me Tra. You will never know the profound influence you have had on me in this life. You will only know when you are looking the Savior in the eyes and He can tell you Himself. I love you so much forever and ever Tracy! XOXO!
Love, Al

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love......

I love.....
*singing*music*SNOW PATROL*christmas*summer*sledding*JIMMY EAT WORLD*water*yoga*pilaties*deep conversations*cuddling*falling asleep cuddling*rollercoasters*SUSHI*brownie mix*cookie dough*RAIN*RAIN*RAIN*thunder*lightning*playing in rain*being barefoot*LAKE POWELL*water skiin*tube wars*THAI FOOD(my very favorite!)*writing*reading*listening*laughing til I cry or pee my pants*rollerblading*HOT ROD*scary movies*when people notice how hard I try to eat healthy(weird I know, but I love it!)*long drives by myself or with people*sunsets*swimming*sundays*late night conversations*PINEAPPLE*chapstick*GUM*the color purple*falling asleep to my i pod*SWEATS*milk*NERTS*fall*summer nights*family game nights*MY FAMILY*funny stories*falling asleep in lake powell under the stars*kissing*GUITAR HERO*writing in my journal*VERN*feeling productive at the end of the day*the cold side of the pillow*SHOES*david archuletta*new clothes*COOKIE DOUGH*exercising*new music*mountains*hiking*camping*bon fires*seeing someone for the first time after a long time*MY FRIENDS*MY MISSIONRIES*getting letters from my missionaries*long showers*finding the solution to a daunting problem*brushing my teeth*lotion*Q TIPS*oranges*when the sky gets pink at night before it snows*getting up early*playing the piano for hours and hours*singing to my nieces and nefews*HATS*did I mention cuddling???*home movies*old pictures*listening to good stories*serving*COOKING*funny people that you wouldn't expect to be funny*FRIENDS(tv show)*THE FOOD NETWORK*planning&organizing*being busy*solving problems together with my mom&dad*solving problems with my brother casey*brand new babies*trials*LIVING LIFE AND WAITING FOR LIFE TO HAPPEN!*

Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolving for better!

2010 woop woop!!!! 2009 was an amazing year, one I'm always going to remember. But I know that 2010 is going to be even better! I've never felt more motivated or excited for a new year to start! I love the feeling of having your "slate whipped clean," and being able to have a fresh, new start at life. I love feeling motivated to resolve for a better me! I've thought long and hard about my new years resolutions and what I decided to do was to make one big resolution for myself spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, financially, emotionally and even enviornmentally! Here are some of my 2010 resolutions!
1. Apply every lesson I leanred last semester.
*living by faith, not fear*putting forth the work for the blessings I need*write in my daily journal every single day, regardless of how exhausted I am*patience*conference talk every sunday*get myself as close to My Savior as I possibly can*learn more this semester than I did last semester*
2. Be in the BEST shape of my life!!
*gym every single day*gym before school at least twice a week*cut out sugar and carbs*healthiest eating habbits of my life*crunches every single night again*WILLPOWER!!*
3. Get notihng lower than a B
*Homework on campus everyday before work*DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!
4. Make a friend in every class!
*I have a habbit of sitting by myself and not talking to anyone in class...I'm trying to break that!*get out of my comfort zone!*
5. Budget and keep track of my money
*tithing first*keep a money journal
6. Stay productive and organized
*plan weeks out every sunday*set and write goals every sunday*budget every sunday*email missionaries at least every other month*SETTING, WRITING, AND FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH GOALS!!*zero complaining*positive attitude all the time*

I can't believe 2009 is already over. By far the fastest year of my life! I honestly cannot believe I was on a cruise exactly a year ago and that I was saying goodbye to missionaries like it was my job haha! Although it's been fast and I've been through a lot, I wouldn't trade 2009 for anything, it truly was a great year!

Sooo, here are my big resolutions! 2010 is the year to become the best person that I possibly can be. I'm so motivated and so excited to see what 2010 has to offer and what I can make of this year! I hope you all have the best year of your lives and that you're as excited as I am for 2010!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!