Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolving for better!

2010 woop woop!!!! 2009 was an amazing year, one I'm always going to remember. But I know that 2010 is going to be even better! I've never felt more motivated or excited for a new year to start! I love the feeling of having your "slate whipped clean," and being able to have a fresh, new start at life. I love feeling motivated to resolve for a better me! I've thought long and hard about my new years resolutions and what I decided to do was to make one big resolution for myself spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, financially, emotionally and even enviornmentally! Here are some of my 2010 resolutions!
1. Apply every lesson I leanred last semester.
*living by faith, not fear*putting forth the work for the blessings I need*write in my daily journal every single day, regardless of how exhausted I am*patience*conference talk every sunday*get myself as close to My Savior as I possibly can*learn more this semester than I did last semester*
2. Be in the BEST shape of my life!!
*gym every single day*gym before school at least twice a week*cut out sugar and carbs*healthiest eating habbits of my life*crunches every single night again*WILLPOWER!!*
3. Get notihng lower than a B
*Homework on campus everyday before work*DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!
4. Make a friend in every class!
*I have a habbit of sitting by myself and not talking to anyone in class...I'm trying to break that!*get out of my comfort zone!*
5. Budget and keep track of my money
*tithing first*keep a money journal
6. Stay productive and organized
*plan weeks out every sunday*set and write goals every sunday*budget every sunday*email missionaries at least every other month*SETTING, WRITING, AND FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH GOALS!!*zero complaining*positive attitude all the time*

I can't believe 2009 is already over. By far the fastest year of my life! I honestly cannot believe I was on a cruise exactly a year ago and that I was saying goodbye to missionaries like it was my job haha! Although it's been fast and I've been through a lot, I wouldn't trade 2009 for anything, it truly was a great year!

Sooo, here are my big resolutions! 2010 is the year to become the best person that I possibly can be. I'm so motivated and so excited to see what 2010 has to offer and what I can make of this year! I hope you all have the best year of your lives and that you're as excited as I am for 2010!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. and by "whipped" clean, of course I mean "wiped".... LOL. Welcome to college Al.

  2. Love your blog! I have a fitness blog that has some of my resolutions on in. It is: There are a few others you might know that have fitness blogs. It is fun to help motivate and keep yourself accountable for all your choices. You can join the club if you want. Love you so much!!!!