Friday, February 4, 2011


Anyone who goes to UVU will appreciate this.  How awkward is it walking down the Hall of Flags by yourself?  Usually most of these chairs are filled with people "doing homework," (staring at people walking down the hall) and this hall is huge.  Especially when you're walking down it by yourself, because everytime you do, you can feel at least 13 pairs of eyes just staring/observing/analyzing/judging you the whole entire time.... then the whole time you're saying to yourself "...never felt so awkward in my life...."  because of all this inner-turmoil going on in your brain, the hall feels 4 times longer than it is.  If you go to UVU, you know exactly what I'm talking about, because you've all felt it! AWKWARD.



  1. for this reason alone i am happy i don't go to uvu. that walk looks dreadful. too many eyes on me for my liking. too many people would be thinking who is that 12 year old looking girl?

  2. OMG Allie I totally know what you're talking about. Ha it's Cailey Madsen and I'm totally blog stalking but I just had to comment because the hall of flags is creepy! My fam loves to make fun of me about it because I swore one time I walked down it and I heard someone say 'skirt' which is what I was wearing!! It's super awkward!

  3. Cailey I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about! Ewwww it's so creepy! That hall should be banished.

  4. hahaha SOOOOOO TRUE! Of course if you're me you start singing loudly in the hallways and get lots of stares! hahahaha soooo funny that someone else thinks the same way!