Thursday, February 10, 2011


*RaNdOm ThInGs*

#1- All of my friends have made/ are making their plans for their summer. I refuse to do so, because I'm so sick of making huge decisions all the time.

#2- One of my roommates is engaged to this awesome guy. His name is Ryan and I've gotten to know them pretty well. I've introduced Heather and Ryan to some of my friends. On Monday Heather called me into her room to see their wedding announcement. Come to find out, his name is actually BRIAN. I've been calling him RYAN since January!!!! Yeah........ hahaha. I felt like such a tool.

#3- David, please take me to the Temple and sing to me for time and all eternity. Just watch this and you'll understand why I'm stupidly obsessed with him.



  1. 1. See look, I follow your blog too!!!
    2. You don't need to make decisions over summer. Your life will work out just fine :)
    3. That Ryan story kills me. Perfect definition of you!
    4. I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE SO OBSESSED WITH HIM. He is so adorable. You two=magical

  2. Hey Allie! David was a secret guest speaker at our young womens conf. out here last weekend. when he came out all the girls freaked out and were screaming in the chapel. he was like "hey guys we need to keep it reverent in here." then he spoke for an hour and sang 3 songs. I didn't get to go but I sure wish I could have! I would have laid the smack down and let all the girls know he belonged to you. I think he goes to a singles ward out here. We can figure it out and come visit "me"/him! hee hee

  3. Suzy!! Oh my heart just melted into 10,000 pieces! He's too perfect. K that really would be so much fun to go visit you! Lets convince Nat to do a girls trip!

  4. Allie Morgan your adorable i love you! how are you?

  5. Whit!!!! Gosh girl how are you doing?! Do you have a blog?? What is it, I wanna read it! We need to get the families together asap! xoxo