Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I've Learned- Part 1

This is my last week in LDC which is pretty crazy to believe. Where have the last 3 years of my life gone?! "When you're busy and having fun, time flies!" That is so true, right?? My bff, Sierra, and I say all the time that if you haven't been in LDC before, you just don't understand that this choir literally changes lives. I am not the same person that I was 3 years ago because of this choir. It would be impossible for me to say everything I've learned in my 3 years, so I'll start with what I have learned from the MEN of LDC. These incredible men have taught me...

* To make your personal relationship with Jesus Christ the #1 most important priority in your life. It is evident in the way each of these men live their lives how much they love this Gospel and that they sincerely love the Lord more than everything else in their lives. They honor their priesthood and live this Gospel to its fullest each day.

Tony Merrill

* That there is nothing more masculine than KINDNESS. Ladies, men with geninely kind hearts do exist! If you don't believe me, come watch LDC sing at a rest home and watch how incredibly tender the men are with these sweet widdows and widdowers.

Tyler Beagley

Mike Shepherd (LDC president this year)

* That men with motivation, drive and the ability work hard for the things that you want, actually do exist! I am constantly so impressed with the work ethic that these men have. In LDC functions, their work, school, dating and Gospel lives. There is something so attractive about a man with a purpose in life...
Mark Gordon, Sam Bowcut, Mike Shepherd, Adam Steele, Paul Peterson, Casey Keele

Skyler Mann, Mark, Adam

* That chivalry DOES exist!!! These men just get it. They get how a woman should be treated and it comes naturally to each of them. It's never something they do for show or something they have to be reminded of; they just get it. If there is a man around, my hand NEVER touches a door handle, if I have anything extra in my hands, it is quickly taken away and carried for me, girls are always served food first, girls ALWAYS have a chair, if I'm cold a suit coat or any jacket is quickly on me and crude or dirty jokes are never cracked around me. There is nothing more attractive than a naturally chivlarous man.

Mark (again... haha.)

RJ Idos (one of the best guys I've ever known.)

* Simply, that good men exist. They ARE out there and I have been surrounded by them for the last 3 years! The things that I look for in a man and that I'm attracted to have changed a lot since being with these men. You know that "list," that you have of what you want in a future husband? And how sometimes it's really hard to believe that a man with all of those qualities actually exists? They DO exist! A man who loves the Lord more than anything (and anyone) in his life, a man who will love YOU as much as you love him, a man who is motivated and hard working, and a man who can make you laugh, all packed into someone that you are attracted to...? THEY. ARE. REAL.!! Every single man I've known in my 3 years has proven that to me time and time again.

All of my sweet sweet men. (Please excuse Mark and his white socks and stupid

MEN. I wish I could thank you enough for everything you have taught me and done for me. Because of you, I am a completely different person. YOU make me want to be a better woman every single day. You make me feel more loved, confident, appreciated, and beautiful everyday. Thank you so much for living your lives in the way that you do. I love you so incredibly much, and I know that we will be friends forever. I love you!



  1. finding a boy who not only understands but lives chivalry is the besssst. when i am with luke i never open my own door, not because i can't or don't want to, but because he is kind enough to do it for me. every single time.