Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory.

I have a lot of favorite memories, so I'll name a few.

Choir tour senior year! Max occupancy for this hot tub was 9... we fit 39 :)

Spring break to Disneyland last year! Drama free and truly a blast!

Living with my very best friends for all of 09'-10..... party every night!

Wicked action shot...

Senior trip.... this was the FUNNESET week of my life, by far!!
Lake Powell + all of your best friends = Allie's definition of pure bliss :)

But I have to say that some of my fondest memories are just of random nights and weekends with these people. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have the friends that I do, and I'm so happy that they are all almost home!

Getting asked to Homecoming senior year... with a real live chicken waddling around my front yard. It's ok though, cause one time I asked Brayden to a dance with a real live goat.....

My friends rock.

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