Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Snyder August 2011!!!!!!

I am pleased beyond all belief to announce that one of my bff's, Megan Marie Madsen, got engaged to the love of her life, Spencer Snyder a couple of weeks ago :):):):):) I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking about it!!! YAY!!!!!

These two love bugs met through one of our best friends Cody Raymond. Cody and Spencer were companions on the mission and Cody decided that Spence should write Megan since they are both the biggest BYU FREAKS you've ever met. So, he wrote her the last few months of the mish then they met last August and have been inseperable ever since. (they have seen eachother LITERALLY every single day since the day met!) Meg called me a few weeks after they met and told me she was dating someone that she really wanted me to meet. A few days later Cody got home from his mission so there was a bunch of us at his house the night that he got home and Meg and Spence came together. They walked in the door holding hands and Tess and I about DIED haha!! We had never seen Meg so interested in and committed to a guy before and it was so fun to see that side of our lil Freuby! Meg had warned Spence that I tend to be a little protective over my best friends and that he should be prepared for whatever I may have in store for him. A while later I grabbed Spence and asked him to step into my office (the couch haha) to have a lil chat with me. I grilled the poor guy!!! I promise I think I actually asked him, "So, what are your intentions with my best friend? Are you planning on breaking her heart? Because if you are, it would be wise of you to bail out now!" lol. Of course I was being sarcastic (kind of... haha). I sat and talked to Spence for a good hour or so and got to know more about him. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever had a better first impression of someone. After talking to him and seeing the way he and Megan were interacting with eachother I knew there was something different and so special about this guy. I think we all knew he was here to stay :)

I have never seen Megan this happy before. Ever! She is just glowing all of the time because of how much she loves Spencer and how much he loves her. She is as comfortable around him as she is around me (which is VERY comfortable! Seriously, we are like sisters so that's saying a lot!), they make eachother incredibly happy, and most importantly they bring out the best in eachother.
I could not be happier for the amazing choice that my best friend is making. I am so proud of her for living so righteously and doing everything right. Everything about them is just right. Everytime I'm with them my belief in true love grows stronger, and they are such great examples of what I'm striving for in love one day.
I am beyond blessed to be in their lives and I can't wait to celebrate their love with them in August! I'm so happy for them I could just burst.
I love you guys so much it's stupid.


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  1. I hope I get a post like this when I'm engaged'! Haha!