Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 24

Day 24: A picture of someone who makes you laugh

It doesn't take a lot to get me to laugh, so a lot of people make me laugh! But there are a few people who have been steady over the years and I think these people make me laugh the very hardest of all!

My parents. Funniest people walking the planet!

My siblings! They're such a riot!

VERN!!! (my grandpa!) EVERYBODY loves him and he is always the life of the party!

Brayden. Soooo many inside jokes and funny moments! He just has my ideal sense of humor so he can always make me laugh no matter what! One of the funniest nights I can remember was sitting in Braydens basement playing "would you rather/ what if..." with him, kurt, spenny, conner and both sam's... they're so dumb. Hahaha.

Stephanie Jensen (Miller)!!!! By far the most memorable laughing times of my life have been with her! We make eachother laugh to the point where we almost throw up... lol. Sick.

Ali Lente! Known this girl for... 11 years now? Wow that's crazy! Let's just say that I have a journal specifically dedicated to Ali, because we have so many funny stories/things/conversation that are so funny that I feel like I have to write them down! One of my favorites: one night I was laying in bed and it was about midnight. I was almost asleep when I got a text. I grabbed my phone and it was a text from Ali and this is how our conversation went...
Ali: ".....So, where exactly is the appendix located...?"
Me: " Like in a book or in your body..? Remember you're the scholar in this relationship so you should know where it is in a book.. cause I for sure don't."
Ali:".. Yeah the body... Dude, I don't know what's wrong with me right now.... I literally think I'm on the verge of death because my stomach hurts so bad!"
Me: (I shot straight up out of bed cause I started panicking.) "WHAT?? Dude, are you okay? What's wrong? Do you think you have appendicitis? Is your family home or do you want me to come over??"
Ali: ".. Ok, no it's not THAAAAT bad. But it still hurts. And my family is home. I think I'll be ok..."
Me: " So naturally you text me first to come and rescue you from your appendix when you're family is home...."
Ali: " Ok, I think it's just cramps actually. Alright I'm fine. I just wanted an excuse to text you I guess...."
 Lol. Classic!


Gosh, there are so many people I could name.. SO many! You know who you are though :)

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